Finite Element Model

Wave Induced Stresses and Pore Pressures

What is WISPP?

The numerical model WISPP (Wave Induced Stresses and Pore Pressures) is a hybrid Finite Element – Analytical Model developed to simulate the time and spatially dependent stresses, pore pressures and soil displacements in a seabed when subject to sinusoidal wave loading.

The model simulates a sinusoidal wave loading on a seabed soil of finite thickness, with the vertical domain discretized in to 300 elements. The variability in the direction of wave travel, and the variability with time is simulated using analytical methods using complex number mathematics, i.e. real and imaginary conditions.

Groundwater Flow Models

Radial flow to wells in confined and unconfined aquifers

What are these models?

Use these models to calculate flow rates Q and the piezometric head h at radius r when pumping from confined and unconfined aquifers

The models are based on Darcy's Law of fluid flow through a porous medium and the principle of mass continuity under radial flow conditions.