Confined Aquifer System

Calculate the radial flow to a well in a confined aquifer system.

Solve the governing equation

`1 / r del / (delr) (rbK (delh) / (delr)) = 0 `

where `b =` constant saturated thickness of the aquifer
Subject to: `h = h_w` at well radius, `h = h_0` at radius of influence

Conditions and Assumptions

  1. The aquifer is confined
  2. The aquifer has a seemingly infinite areal extent
  3. The aquifer is homogeneous, isotropic, and of uniform thickness over the area influenced by the test
  4. Prior to pumping, the piezometric surface is horizontal (or nearly so) over the area that will be influenced by the test
  5. The aquifer is pumped at a constant discharge rate
  6. The well penetrates the entire thickness of the aquifer and thus receives water by horizontal flow



 Value of pumping rate for input values:

   Qw =



     Qw =



  Table of Values: Head at radius, r


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